Safeguarding The Environment

About Us

Plaspulp Union Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on 19th December 1979, with our primary business in providing waste disposal services.

In the early '80s, when there was an influx of foreign companies setting up production factories in Singapore, we foresee the tremendous potential of recycling industrial waste into useful raw materials. Hence the decision to establish the plastic recycling business.

In 1989, we further expanded the business, venturing into recycling of paper, polyfoam, electronic, glass, textile and yarn waste.

Fully automatic recycling machines are acquired to cope with the immense volume of waste collected. Our factory has since been constantly upgrading and is equipped with a complete range of machineries and facilities for the processing of waste materials.

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With our established recycling platform, we are strategically positioned to provide customers worldwide products and services best suited for their business need.

In Plaspulp Union Pte Ltd, about 90% of our recycled products are exported to overseas countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Over the years, we have also expertise in trading, exportation & importation of plastic products and materials from countries such as America, Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The Future

With the continuous support from our partners and staffs, Plaspulp Union Pte Ltd has established its name in the waste recycling industry, servicing MNCs to SMEs locally and around the region.

As the world progresses and develop, we understand the importance of recycling and reducing carbon footprint. In our recycling plant, we are constantly looking to further develop a cost-effective and high productivity method of handling and recycling plastic. Also, we continue to partner with local entities and counterparts to create public awareness and doing our part for the environment.

Quality for the Environment

Standards to provide guidance and tools to ensure that our products and services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.