Circular Economy

Partner with us and let us help you work towards a sustainable future

As society calls for industries to play their role in environmental stewardship, there is an increase need for companies to better manage their waste and resources.

The linear take-make-waste model is no longer viable in our current situation, in the face of a rapid growing population, urbanization and other trends. We aim to change the paradigm in relation to the linear economy, by reducing the environmental impact of resources. The circular economy refers to an economic model whose objective is to produce goods and services in a environmental-friendly way – limiting the waste of resources as well as the production of waste.  Unlike the linear “take-make-consume-throw” pattern, the circular economy is based on reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. Thus, reducing waste to a minimum.

Plaspulp Union looks into partnerships with companies, to work out a resource recovery business model. Our specialists will work together with your company to design a business model that work for your needs and requirements. Leveraging on technology and capabilities to recover and reuse resources, we promote a closed loop cycle, eliminating material leakage and maximising economical value.

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