Environment-friendly practices and solutions for your business and organisation.

The global recycling market is expanding, mainly due to the growing focus on environmental sustainability. As society calls for industries to play their role in environmental stewardship, particularly when it comes to waste management, plastic recycling has become an integral part of fulfilling that obligation.

We have many years of experience in waste management. Complementing our services, we can offer a wide range of recycled products.

Plaspulp Union has established its name in the recycling industry in Singapore, serving SMEs and MNCs locally and around the region. Our continuous technological improvements has enable a bigger output and better quality end products, accelerating the growth in the global recycling market.

Our trading partners include Japan, India, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Based on application, recycled plastic manufactured in our plant can be used in the packaging, construction, automotive, textile, and consumer goods industries.

A comprehensive fleet of vehicles, containers and bins, to provide an efficient collection.
Recyclable plastics are sorted accordingly to their type & colour.
Once sorted, they are sent for further processing, removing any other debris.
After the plastics are cleaned, they melted down and compressed into tiny pellets that are ready to be reused into new products.

All our finished products go through stringent tests to ensure that its quality meets our customer’s requirements.